Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are becoming the more popular choice with customers when replacing a garage door. Some of the benefits and reasons for this are:

Wider Drive through width

Rubber seals all around the door when closed

Vertical opening to allow you to park closer to the door

Insulated versions mean less heat loss and draughts

Improved security over traditional garage doors

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Popular Styles

  • M-Ribbed Woodgrain White Sectional Insulated

    M-Ribbed Woodgrain sectional

    from £

  • S - Pannelled white Sectional Insulated


    from £

  • M-Ribbed Jet Black Woodgrain Sectional Insulated


    from £

Options and Extras

  • Window options
  • Automatic Opener: Promatic or Supramtic
  • Rubber floor seal to minimise floor gaps
  • Around 200 RAL colour choices
  • Silkgrain smooth surface
  • Micrograin wave effect surface
  • Double Skinned 42mm thick door leaf
  • Decograin finish to match upvc windows/doors: Light Oak, Dark Oak, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Night Oak and Titan Metallic
  • Double Skinned 42/20mm thick door leaf
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